Accelerated Automation

The convergence of robotics, ai, and big data are about to create a massive explosion in automation. Self-driving cars are the tip of the iceberg. Samsung recently released a robot that can put away your dishes. This looks innocuous, but it signals two things. First, robotic technology will become cheaper as it goes mainstream and the hardware cost will decrease dramatically due to the economy of scale. Secondly, the tactile feedback capabilities of mainstream robotics mean that it can perform a whole lot more than putting away your dishes. Fastfood restaurants will soon be fully automated from the cashier, which

I watched a Bloomberg video featuring Ark’s CEO — Cathie Wood, telling viewers that Genomics will outperform Tesla. Ark investment is an innovation-based ETF. It was started by Cathie Wood’s in 2014, previously head of investments at Alliance Bernstein. They have been pushing that “Genomics is the next FAANG” and specifically bullish on a company called Invitae, which does Genetic Testing.

Genetic testing is only a part of the genomic medicine ecosystem. When people think of genetic testing, they think 23andMe and …

Investors are saying that genomics is the next tech sector. There is some merit to this statement as the field of genomics has become much more mainstream. Genomics is the study of a person's entire genetic code or DNA. Let’s explore the world of genomic medicine and understand why it has such great potential and also the major hurdles for mass adoptions and major financial growth.

Watson and Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA in the 1950s. Then in 2003, the first human genome was sequenced. This means from 1950 until 2003, we did not have the entire genetic…

I’ve been doing martial arts for over 20 years. One of the things we practice in martial arts is our basics. This includes punches, blocks, and kicks. It requires us to repeat the same repetitive and basic movement, which I learned when I was 5, over and over. We do this to refine our movement, bake it into muscle memory. If we don’t repeat these movements, we get rusty.

Often, I get antsy and want to practice cool moves like spinning roundhouse kicks or fancy forms. …

Snowflake, a big data warehousing and processing system used by both startups and enterprises, is undergoing an initial public offering at $120 a share. There’s a lot of hype about cloud and big data companies. Is it a good purchase?

In this article, I provide my insights about Snowflake as a first-hand user. I’m a big data and cloud architect based out of New York City. I have used most of the larger cloud-based big data warehousing systems for many years, and have also consulted on the implementation of these systems with large enterprises. …

Software engineers, data engineers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers are expensive and a pain to hire. Companies use technical challenges to assess a candidate’s coding capabilities. However, it’s tough to get it perfect since there is only so much an interview that can capture about an engineer’s technical potential. Many companies do not put structure around their hiring process and assume as long as any technical interview takes place, the candidate is qualified. Unfortunately, hiring the wrong candidate can be detrimental to both the capabilities of the team as well as the company’s progress in building new features.

During these…

Recently, there have been many debates on how law enforcement uses AI to watch citizens and violate our privacy. However, turning this idea on its head, why can’t AI be used to watch police officers, thus ensuring they also follow the rules? Applied artificial intelligence can provide a more automated and objective way to ensure justice for racial minorities and prevent police brutality.

There may be hesitation in using machine learning for surveillance due to the moral nature of the issue. However, I will note that this is already happening in white-collar workplaces. For example, investment banks routinely monitor all…

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When it comes to data engineering, there are two common approaches for transforming and loading data. The first approach is ETL(Extract Transform Load). The other is referred to as ELT (Extract, Load, Transform). One easily notices that the transform and load steps in the acronym, TL vs LT, are swapped. However, this small swap in wording has much larger implications in data processing. To explain this, let’s start with a quick explanation of ETL.

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL is a high-level data processing and loading architecture. The first step of ETL is Extract, which refers to…

What is Chloroquine?
Chloroquine is an anti-malarial medication. However, there is confusion as to why this drug might be effective against Coronavirus. An Arizona couple even died after erroneously taking the tablet version of Chloroquine (chloroquine phosphate) instead of the anti-malarial human drug (Chloroquine HCL).

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a a parasitic infection, commonly spread through flies, that occurs often in Africa. The parasite, which are actually multiple species strain from the genus plasmodium, is actually a living organism that lives and replicates inside their host. …

Nothing ever exists entirely alone. Everything is in relation to everything else. Buddha

A very common problem many organizations, especially startups, encounters is having little or no data. Unfortunately, operating blind and without data insights is no longer an option. Operating with data is simply table stakes; all companies leverage data to make strategic shifts and daily decisions. Fortunately, there are many routes, an organization can take to acquire more data.

Cost of Building Data Pipelines

One common route is to try to extract and pipe in every dataset possible, whether through an internal or third-party source and look for patterns that may support a…

Gary Cheung

Big Data focused architect & strategist, Life Sciences, and Genomics nerd.

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